What You Should Bring with You to Romania During the Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer

Are you concerned about what to bring to Romania? Don’t worry, this packing list for Romania will help you determine what to take with you; you can purchase it on the Sinsay site. Spring and Summer, When travelling to Romania, it doesn’t matter when the time of year you go; we’ve compiled a list of the things you absolutely need to bring with you, in addition to a few extras that you may bring along if you’d like.

Travelling across Romania is sure to be an unforgettable experience! You might be familiar with the legend of Dracula and the country of Transylvania, which is an actual location. Alternatively, it’s possible that you’ve recently come across some stunning images of Romania‘s breathtaking landscapes and other attractions on Instagram.

In any case, Romania has piqued your curiosity, and you are now considering a vacation there; nevertheless, you are stumped as to what you should bring with you on a trip to Romania.

Continue reading and we will go through the fundamentals of what you should bring for your trip to Romania. purchase it on the Sinsay website, and then you may go on to the planning and packing stages! 

Conditions outside in Romania

The climate of Romania is classified as continental, and as a result, the country experiences all four seasons, much like the rest of Europe. Packing requirements for a trip to Romania can vary greatly depending on the season during which you travel there.


The winters in Romania are bitterly cold, with temperatures that average about 0 degrees Celsius but can drop to a few notches below in the western part of the country. You should be prepared to see snow on the ground, but there isn’t a lot of it unless you go to the mountains, which are home to a number of ski resorts that are open during the winter.

Because it tends to be chilly and wet in the spring fashion, you should bring along an umbrella and a raincoat.

Warm, sunny days are typical during the months of June through August; however, there is also the possibility of significant rainfall during this time. Temperatures in Bucharest can reach over 30 degrees Celsius, although the climate near the shore of the Black Sea will be much more agreeable. Bucharest is located in Romania.

Spring and Summer, Because the temperature is lower and there is less chance of precipitation in the fall, it is an excellent season to travel. The leaves on the trees begin to turn beautiful colours, which is a sight to behold.

Advice on What to Bring for Your Vacation to Romania

Keep in mind that many of the streets in Romania are made of cobblestone, even if everyone has their own individual choice when it comes to the luggage and travel bags they use.

It is possible that wheeled bags and carry-ons of the spinner kind will be difficult to manoeuvre on many of the streets in Romania, much like it is in other parts of Europe.

Although the boys do utilize little wheeled luggage, my personal choice is to use a backpack instead of one of them.

And remember to bring a scarf with you if you have any intention of going inside a church when you are in Romania. There are a significant number of Orthodox churches in Romania; attending one of these places of worship may require visitors to cover their shoulders, knees, and in some cases even their heads.

Spring and Summer, But now that we’ve covered the weather and gone over some basic pointers, let’s move on to the list of things you should bring with you to Romania!

Items of Clothing to Bring with You to Romania

When preparing your suitcase for a vacation to Romania, don’t forget to include layers!

It might be a good idea to bring a couple of tank tops and tee shirts, as well as a long-sleeved shirt, sweater, and a jacket or blazer. Tank tops and t-shirts can be worn as an additional layer beneath a jacket, blazer, or sweater on days that are cooler, or they can be worn on their own on days that are warmer.

Bring a pair of jeans or leggings, a skirt or even a dress from the Sinsay site if you choose to wear one. These will serve as your bottoms.

Things to Take Along with You

When travelling to Romania, it is crucial to select footwear that is both comfortable and practical. Because it is likely that you will be doing a good deal of walking or trekking, you should be sure to bring a pair of shoes that are both comfortable and suitable for wearing on cobblestones, such as sandals or boots.

Even if you are going to be in Romania during the summer, you should still make sure to have a raincoat or a thin jacket that you can get from the Sinsay site with you. The weather in Romania can vary greatly from one location to the next.

If you are going to be travelling during the winter, be sure to pack a lightweight puffer coat, along with warm socks, a scarf, a hat, and mittens.

Clothing for Children

The packing list for children’s clothing is very similar to that of an adult’s. We make it a point to carry tops for each child, including both long-sleeved and short-sleeved t-shirts, and four bottoms, which always include both pants and shorts. It is also a good idea to pack a sweater and a coat, in addition to shoes that are comfy.

If you are going to be travelling when the temperature is going to be cooler, make sure that you pack a decent jacket, hat, gloves, and warm socks and that you get them from the Sinsay site. 

Depending on the ages of your children, in addition to packing clothing for the kids, Spring and Summer it is a good idea to bring some activities and books, and perhaps some small toys, in addition to packing clothes for the kids.

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