Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas: Office Glam to Evening Charm

Let me begin with the question… What do you think is one of the biggest investments in the world of fashion? If you are also thinking the same as me, that is the pencil skirt. Hey Ladies, I am from the US and according to me, skirts have been very popular recently. They are something that gives you a fashionable look and they are suitable for all diverse body shapes. You must be thinking how is this even possible because sometimes pencil skirts don’t appear good if we are chubby. But that is not they will appear excellent if you choose the best pencil skirt outfit ideas for yourself. For this, I recommend you shop from Princess Polly.

This is one of the best stores to provide you with pencil skirts with all your requirements so that you can look slim and incredible. Here we will talk about pencil skirts as they can be a perfect choice but only if we can pick the best ones. So keep the tension aside because this article will help you to remain stress-free and give you ideas to choose the skirts and the matching outfits from Princess Polly. It will help you to flaunt your body and it can even inspire many more to try this trend. 

And you know what is the best part: skirts are versatile pairs that can be worn endless times and with different styles. No matter how many times you are wearing it they will still look graceful so that you can appear elegant. Plus when you choose heels or boots with them they appear to be more impressive. That is when you come up with different reasons to wear them and have a chic look. 

Here are the fashion ideas that you have been looking for so that you can try out the skirts according to your body shape. Just remember when you pick the right one from Princess Polly you will get a flawless appearance. So let’s dig into amazing pencil skirt outfit ideas and explore how to style pencil skirts.  

Choose Your Look

  • Body Shape: It is always said that pencil skirts are suitable for different body shapes. But they give a flawless appearance to hourglass figures as it helps to show the proper curves. 
  • Occasion: Pencil skirts are the choices that can be worn on various occasions. You can pick some definite shades when you are for office gatherings and for events and parties you can simply go with the brighter shades. 
  • Footwear: As I said before with pencil skirts you can pick boots, high heels, or pumps as they are the pairs that can give a magnificent appearance to your entire outfit. 

Before we go ahead let me help you understand what pencil skirts are. They are straight, short, taper as they come to the hemline, and end before the knee. These are the skirts that can be worn on different occasions and give one of the most adorable appearances for the day out or night parties. Whether you are looking for tops to wear on them, accessories, or footwear you can get them all from Princess Polly

Best Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas

Here we are! Together we will explore some of the most incredible pencil skirt outfit ideas so that you can try them out. Scroll down and grab some casual pencil skirt outfit ideas. 

With Formal Shirt

This attire can be one of the most amazing wear for your formal wear. If you want to go attend a meeting or attend any formal event then you can surely try this style. This is one of the most sophisticated appearances that can make your day elegant.

Black Pencil Skirt And Turtleneck Top

This is one of the most stunning styles that you can wear while you are going out. This is one of the greatest pieces that you can try for yourself and this can be your favorite one. You can go with a straight skirt and a T-shirt with a turtleneck. This can be a sassy look to try and if you add pumps to this outfit then it is 10/10. If you are worrying about your selection then just go on Princess Polly so that you can pick the desired color according to the skirt you are buying. 

Long Pencil Skirt

There are so many brands that have introduced the fashion of long skirts and it showed a lot of popularity. This is one such type that can give you a look where many people will turn around towards you. If you are looking for something different then this can be your pick. 

Leather Skirt

You should try this attire and trust me this one such appearance can make your day fashionable. When you are going out you get dressed up in just a few minutes and it gives you an excellent look. This is another great style that you can glance at that you might find for your night events or day outs. This time you can pick leather skirts so that they give you a fascinating look. 

Plaid Pencil Skirt

People consider pencil skirts to require fancy tops, but this is not something true. You can choose a plaid pencil skirt, and with it, you can choose a plain black or white T-shirt along with it. Just touch the T-shirt and with little makeup you are ready. Tie your hair to your regular style and complete your look with sandals so that you can appear fabulous. You must get this pair for yourself from Princess Polly.

Floral Skirt And Kimono

Many of us get uncomfortable with the fact of wearing pencil skirts. This can be because we might not look at them or we are a bit chubby. But let me tell you that here is the way that can help you to get a great look wearing it. Whether you are petite or plus size and you can look flawless skirts for yourself, You can go with bold shades so that they can cover your body and make you look slim

Faux Leather Pencil Skirt

Faux leather skirts and trousers are another great piece that can give you an enchanting appearance. But the main thing is that they appear so fashionable that you can’t resist them. This can be another great pair that gives you a new appearance when you are going out. 


These are some of the different styles of pencil skirts that you can choose to wear from Princess Polly in the US. They will give you one of the most incredible looks when you are going out and make you appear stunning. So, this time when you are going shopping you can surely pick some of the elegant pencil skirts for yourself

This time choose something different for yourself. Don’t go for the old styles, try out something new. Whether you are going for a brunch or a formal meeting, a pencil skirt will always lead the way and give you a splendid look. Princess Polly is one of the best stores to choose women’s clothing and upgrade your fashion. Don’t stay behind just because of your body shape. be confident to flaunt new styles and have a great day with the best pencil skirt outfit ideas.

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