How Can You Style a Denim Jacket in Different Ways?


At one point or the other, all of us have had a craze for denim jackets. I am the kind of person who has phases when it comes to liking different styles of fashion. They are quite famous in the UK. While I was going for a bold, fashion statement look a few months ago, now I am at a phase where I want to keep it simple and minimalistic, a Denim Jacket. However, one thing that never changes is my secret love for denim jackets.

What I love the most about a denim jacket is that it can not only be worn all around the year but that it also goes well with all kinds of upper and lower wear. There have been times in the past when I have not been able to think of an attire. In such a situation, I simply put on any outfit and clubbed it with my denim jacket with many outfits from NewLook. The denim jacket works its magic and makes me look all dressed up and elegant!

I know for a fact that a denim jacket is one of those pieces of fashion clothing that has stayed trendy for years in the past and will be appreciated in many years to come too. What I want through this blog is to maintain the essence of denim jackets and exploit it to its fullest potential! What I mean is, this piece of clothing is much more than just pairing it with your black jeans. You can find diverse pairs to wear on denim on NewLook.

In the last few years, I have experimented plenty with my denim jackets and have come up with a few ways you can style them with other clothing items. I hope this helps you up your fashion game!


A denim jacket certainly articulates that laid-back stunning lassie vibe. But I believe you can completely unravel a jean jacket and handle more wrapped up with periodic tips.

For instance, you can go with the shift dress or pencil skirt from NewLook to assemble it to handle more company casual. You can even drape it on the shoulders and it touches better like a technique juncture than just chucking on a jean jacket.

And simply like any business, counting heels can convert a look. This truly functions well with a dim jacket for a better business casual feeling.

One Jacket, Many Looks!

Short Denim Jacket with Your Outfit

What sets this apart from other types of jackets is that with this, you can show off your top and sweater too. There are two super trendy ways you can style this jacket. One, you can wear this over a dress or a skirt. Secondly, if you are going for something less bold then you can grab a pair of high-waisted jeans from NewLook and pair them with a plain black top underneath.

Dress it Up!

An oversized jacket goes best with all kinds of flowery and summery dresses. It also gives you a relaxed but classy look. You can pair a black jacket with a white or red dress from NewLook. This is when you are going for a bold look. For a simple look, you can go for the typical white jacket with a black dress look.

The Classic Black Jeans 

The majority of people prefer this. However, this common preference does not make it outdated but even more sought after. A tip for dressing up for a party is to wear ripped jeans with stilettos and put on your denim jacket to complete the look. With this combination, you can also experiment with the color of your heels.

Black Top, Blue Jeans

This is also known as the denim-on-denim look and is popular among the new generation. From weekend brunches to the office, you can carry this chic look anywhere. If you do not want to go for a denim-on-denim look, you can also go with a black or gray colored denim jacket. You can purchase this outfit from NewLook.

Blue Jacket With a Full Skirt

The basic blue jean jacket is all women’s most acceptable companion. Its versatility is unpaired—unrestricted in numerous washes, at every expense issue, and in all dimensions. Counteract out the magnitude of a complete skirt along with a fitted jacket.

White Jacket as a Color-Blocking

If down denim is not your item, or if you are one of those and enjoy increasing your jean jacket group, test a white arrangement. It’s uncluttered and brittle, and a choice to upgrade any business. Try operating it as a region of a color-blocking strategy.

Black Jacket Over a Slouchy Hoodie

The further back of the denim jacket range is, of study, the black jacket. Ensure, it loans a downtown cool that fits any ensemble—but it can likewise function as a universal wear-anywhere coating. Go over a slouchy hoodie to shift sweats or leggings. 

Blue Jacket Over a Maxi Dress

This is another great style that will help you to enhance your look and make you feel comfortable throughout your journey. It will enable you to have a fabulous look and you can grab a lot of attention. So you can go with this amazing style and I assure you that it will never let you down. You get vibrant pairs from NewLook.


Here is the complete guide that will help you design perfectly with an amazing look along with the denim jacket in the UK. So, if you are not having a denim jacket for yourself then you must have some so that you can get an amazing look. You can acquire all these outfits from NewLook so that you can have a great appearance. 

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